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        Our Services
Solutions has four distinct areas of operations : executive, technical, and non-technical searches, and human capital consulting services.
   Executive Searches :
   Bullet  Using a comprehensive human capital strategy as a guideline, we work with the client to determine their         requirements at the executive level. We utilize a proprietary system analyzing the company’s needs and         determining the required skill set, experience, and other characteristics necessary for the successful candidate.
   Bullet  Upon completion of the needs analysis, we prepare a written position specification outlining the responsibilities
        of the position, qualifications required of the ideal candidate, and criteria for success. This specification is used         as guideline during the search effort.
   Bullet  This information is shared with the executive search team as well as the research team to pinpoint sources and         prospects. The search consultant will interview and evaluate each qualified prospect for a potential fit based on         work experience and suitability to the client company’s culture.
   Bullet  Throughout this process, we identify the top candidates and present those candidates to the executive         management team.
   Bullet  Once the final candidate is selected, we assist in structuring the final compensation package. The compensation         package is discussed throughout the entire search process to ensure we have the right candidate, and to ensure         we are able to successfully close the candidate.
        The following lists searches we have successfully filled :
           Bullet  Chief  Executive    Officer
           Bullet  Chief  Operating   Officer
           Bullet  Chief  Financial    Officer
           Bullet  Vice    President,  Prof.  Services
           Bullet  Vice    President,  Operations
           Bullet  Chief  Technical   Officer
           Bullet  Vice    President,  Sales
           Bullet  Vice    President,  Engineering
           Bullet  Vice    President,  Finance
           Bullet  Vice    President,  Marketing
           Bullet  Vice    President,  Product  Management
           Bullet  Vice    President,  Client  Services
           Bullet  Vice    President,  Human  Resources
   Technical & Non-Technical Searches :
    Bullet  A similar search process is used in the technical (Software and Hardware Engineering, QA, etc.) and non -         technical (Sales, Marketing, Business Development, etc.) search arenas. We partner with the technical and
        sales executives to build the entire team.
        Our search team approach gives our clients two important advantages :
            Bullet  Comprehensive team building effort with a partnership between Solutions and the client.
            Bullet  Quick, efficient placements of large numbers of technical and non-technical candidates.
     Consulting Services :
      Bullet  Solutions offers onsite expertise to devise and implement a human capital strategy to execute the
           company’s vision.
           This plan includes, but is not limited to, the following :
              Bullet  Human capital planning
              Bullet  Defining hiring processes
              Bullet  Recruiting strategy
              Bullet  Organization development
              Bullet  Company culture
              Bullet  Compensation and benefits planning
              Bullet  Team motivation strategies
              Bullet  Retaining talent
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